Northside fictionalized in the New Yorker by local writer

C.E. Morgan, whose novel All the Living, based on the following pleasant reading experience I am ordering for the Merc and for myself to read, and whose story “Twins” appears in the June 14 & 21, 2010 New Yorker section20 Under 40: twenty young writers who capture the inventiveness and vitality of contemporary American fiction” (italics The New Yorker’s), has written the perfect short story to read before you go to the Northside Rock & Roll Carnival, 4th of July Parade, and Festival. “Twins” splendidly and with great detail incorporates the geography, mood, history, and tensions of Cincinnati, features a carnival, Northside, 13 cans of beer, and kids having fun.  Let’s face it, you should be sensible by remaining supine and doing some summer reading so as to  conserve your strength for the festivities.   Definitely add this New Yorker issue, with its Chris Ware cover depicting “The Literary Field” to your hammock-side magazine rack/lemonade stand, as it’s chock full of great stories.  The New Yorker site features a Q&A with the elusive Ms Morgan.  -Ed Scripsi

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