Obituary for a Mystery

On this day in 1809, Edgar Allen Poe was born in Boston (follow the hotlink, assuming that Wikipedia isn’t down to protest legislation with cute-sounding acronyms, or that an anonymous group of hackers called “Anonymous” hasn’t destroyed the internet in an act of defiance, only to realize that the internet was the only thing that elevated them, mere dorks, geeks and nerds, to “hackers” in the first place, although if you’re reading this, that probably hasn’t happened… yet.  What do you think Edgar Allen Poe would have made of all this nonsense?  Probably another great story in the vein of “Fall of the House of Usher”) .   According to The Washington Post‘s The Style Blog, up until the 200th anniversary of Poe’s birth, a mysterious stranger left three roses and a half-drunk bottle of not very expensive cognac at his grave.  Why?  Perhaps because half-drunk bottles of laudanum are difficult to come by.  -Ed Scripsi

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