Weekend Reading: Crazy Rich Asians


We have the Non- Blogger to thank for the recommendation to read Crazy Rich Asians.  She told us it would take no time at all to read and that we would enjoy it.  It took us four hours and we did, however self-consciously until we – well into the book – realized that crazy modifies rich rather than Asians.  Kevin Kwan, who wrote it, seems to have grown up – if not crazy rich himself – amongst the crazy rich in Singapore where most of the book takes place, so he must know what he is talking about.  Our own modest Midwestern readership is likely to find itself reeling within the first few chapters.  So much money.  So many clothes.  But the N-B was right.  It’s entertaining.

We will note that our own experience with Singapore was in 1969 just after the handoff from the Brits when the whole place was a backwater.  We had the best steak we have ever eaten on the recommendation of a cabbie.  All the cabs were Benzes even then.

-Nemo Wolfe

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