Speaking of Book Lists . . . it’s BOOK LIST MANIA!

ImageA crafty, literary-minded reddit user has combined the top 10 top-100 books lists into the mother of all top-ten book lists.  That’s it.  I’m definitely reading Lolita and Midnight’s Children now.   -Ed Scripsi

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  1. Don’t do it! There’s no reason to read Lolita. I fell into the trap the same way- from top ten lists. I will be the little boy from The Emperor’s New Clothes and announce that this book is not as great as everyone says. There are definitely better things to spend your time reading!

  2. Mr. Scripsi,

    Odd that the top 26 is more or less equivalent to the most-assigned-in-high-school list, the presence of outliers such as Tropic of Cancer and Atlas Shrugged coming from very progressive and very libertarian school districts. Either way, a very mediocre collection! One would do amuch better top 100 by simply compiling the reading lists for the last ten years of Mercantile Library seminars

  3. Ok. I won’t read Lolita. Instead, I’ll get down to compiling that list from our archives.
    Speaking of book lists and Big Data, I just ran into this interesting a story about creating book recs through Natural Language Processing Twitter feeds.

  4. Thanks for the BookVibe mention, Ed! We hope you find some great book recommendations from your friends on Twitter! As it happens, we are working on some fun book lists now, so stay tuned…

  5. Most definitely will . . . we’re counting on you to cut through the literary “white noise” — which sounds like a jet engine lately.

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