Weekend Reading: We At Last Emerge From The Balkan Swamp

sleepwalkersWe’ve done it.  We’ve finished The Sleepwalkers.  We were right to do so.  Our last formal instruction in the causes of the 1914-1918 War was in 1961, and we weren’t paying terribly close attention.  We have more than made up for that.  Christopher Clark’s work on the subject, which has received the seal of approval from our cranky historian friend, is a real slog, but so is the bloody subject.  There’s no way to tell the complete story without slogging.  Why do it, you may ask.  You do it because reading this work forces you as a person with a brain – a reasonable citizen who keeps up with the current news – to understand how we may at any moment be stumbling into Truly Awful Situations and why we have to be ever vigilant.

This is not a stylish book.  But it is an excellent book.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. […] Czar Robert Moses.  We could not put it down.  And not just because it weighed even more than The Sleepwalkers, requiring serious effort to get it back up to reading distance.  It is a riveting story told by […]

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