Weekend Reading: The Spy Who Came In From The Cold Luncheon

redsparrowEx CIA officer Jason Matthews has turned in an utterly confident and handsomely crafted spy thriller: Red Sparrow.  So good is it and so tight that one has to wonder if he was not spending considerable time on the company clock before retirement putting this very agreeable thriller together.  Even if he wasn’t actually pecking away on the Agency’s supercomputer, dazzled readers will surely agree with us that he must have spent many hours working this out in his head, again on company time.  But, you know, when the outcome is a v. satisfying spy story, who cares?  Tax dollars well spent.

There is a special twist to Red Sparrow:  every chapter ends with the recipe for some dish eaten in the preceding pages.  Good recipes for good dishes.  Will Scribner put these on line for readers who actually fix food rather than just subscribe to Saveur?  It would be awfully helpful if they would

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. […] was brought to mind by reading Jason Matthew’s superior thriller Red Sparrow, recently recommended here.  The author, a thirty year CIA operative, no doubt ate and cooked widely through Europe, […]

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