Weekend Reading: Competing with the Newsletter

sleepwalkersAre we the only one feeling just a little put out by the self-confident new Monday E-Newsletter from the Library that Time Forgot?  Is it not possible that more than our immediate family would rather know immediately on Monday just what the Weekend Read was?  And would rather not have to wade through a lot of what we accept is vital news material, but in the scheme of things?  This being a library and all?  Alas.  That is the way it is to be, and we will adjust.  Still….

To our great embarrassment we are still slogging through The Sleepwalkers.  And when that is done, 1913 –every bit as large and every bit as serious – sits on the table ready to move into the Sleepwalking spot.  Punishment for wallowing in the West Coast crime scene two weekends ago?  Who knows.  To keep awake during The Sleepwalkers we kept the latest shipment of Reviews from the Daily Telegraph on the sofa at our elbow into which we would dive for literary oxygen.  The listings for the Beeb alone are enough to send us into an envious rage that exiles Morpheus at least for half an hour.  How kind it is of the Great Infrastructure Solver to bring them to us.  How we wish more members would come up with such enchanting contributions.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. […] done it.  We’ve finished The Sleepwalkers.  We were right to do so.  Our last formal instruction in the causes of the 1914-1918 War was in […]

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