Weekend Reading & Bicycle Behaviour

13562We’ve been fans of Bernard Cornwell as long as he’s been writing, although we cannot swear to having read every one of his dozens of mostly historical novels since he cranks them out at a prodigious rate.  We do not wish to imply that by cranking he is turning out an inferior product any more than a Heidelberg Schnellpresse turns out bad printing.  It’s all first-rate stuff where the superb research never gets in the way of the hair-raising thrills.  What we took home Friday was 1356, which inserts Cornwell’s mighty longbowman Sir Thomas of Hookston into the Battle of Poitiers about which we knew nothing and about which we can now carry on for hours.  Less rewarding, alas, was Hush Money, Chuck Greaves’s first legal thriller, set in LA, which is good, featuring fancy riding, which is not so good, and which tries rather too hard for breeziness.  Breeziness is not something one tries for.  If it happens, it happens.

We took it on the chin from an important reader for our post on bicycle helmets.  We offer this link to post from The Atlantic Cities by way of atonement.  Not that we’re about to agree to helmet laws, of course.  But we absolutely support cycling in accordance with the local laws, for very good reasons, even when the laws are – as is often the case – stupid.  They are still the laws.

-Nemo Wolfe

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