Viral Book-shop Sign

According to, Galleycat, this sign is “going viral”.  So in keeping with the good news that a book shop is opening off Fountain Square, we are acting as a vector.  -ed scripsi


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  1. Wait, a bookshop is opening downtown? In Cincinnati, where the lack of book shops makes me want to cry?

  2. Yes. The former owner of Jo Beth!
    Hey, when are you guys going to stop by the Merc?

  3. Wonderful! I know, I know! We’ve only been talking about it for a year. Maybe after L is actually working in town again and after we move…June?

  4. We have some great events in June… Dr. Robert Bullard for our Harriet Beecher Stowe “Writing to Change the World” annual lecture, and “By the Book” with CSO Pres Trey Devey…. lemme know if we can “pencil you in” ;)

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