A new bookstore is going to open downtown in the old Brooks Brothers space.

They’re also going to sell crepes (which rhymes with “steps,” as my old French professor would insist I remind you), coffee (which can easily be spiked with brandy, as my old French professor used to do during finals), and other standard bookstore/cafe fare (e.g. quiche, for some reason).

Since the Venn diagram of readers, crepe lovers, and coffee enthusiasts pretty much looks like one solid circle, I’m guardedly optimistic.

-Norm De Plume

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  1. What a totally wonderful thing to happen! I will save my book budget until I get down to Cincinnati and spend it all at this store.

  2. […] to, Galleycat, this sign is “going viral”.  So in keeping with the good news that a book shop is opening off Fountain Square, we are acting as a vector.  -ed […]

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