Cincinnati Twelfth Most Literate City in U.S.A.

What with the news that a study has found Cincinnati to be the most literate city in the state and the 12th most literate city in the country, the Mercantile Library Literary Research Department immediately dropped everything to create a searchbot to comb the internet for evidence corroborating the study so that we could get back to  watching Russian dashcam footage on youtube.  The bot, last seen playing “World of Warcraft”, hasn’t been seen or heard from since, but we’re pretty sure this literacy study is on the up and up, given our city’s wealth of library resources and surfeit, relative to other cities, of bookstores.  Organizations like Northside-based Wordplay promote literacy for kids, and we’re lucky to have local universities with strong English and Creative writing programs. The cover story of this week’s Citybeat is a pair of interviews with novelists at the University of Cincinnati, Marjorie Celona, and Mercantile Library member Leah Stewart, whose latest, The History of Us, recently garnered the Kirkus Reviews star of supreme approbation.

-Ed Scripsi

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  1. You wouldn’t know it from reading comments at the Cincinnati Enquirer…..

  2. And Cleveland outranks New York City. Hmm …

  3. Did you see the ad/video that WordPress stuck on your post? You might want to reAd the fine print on ads from WordPress.

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