The Merc is an interesting place, even in the dark.

shootThat’s not solely due to the ghost of a past Librarian we’re said to share the space with.  It’s also thanks to the ability to see classic movies as they were meant to be seen – with an audience whose reactions are part of the viewing.  Watching French classics in black and white was almost a needed purification after watching Django Unchained in a local movie house, enduring sound levels just below the pain threshold.  (Note to self – bring hearing protection to movie houses – “cineplexes,” or whatever they go by – today.  Not needed at the Merc.)

Tarantino’s latest is an homage to movies that merit none.  He does owe a debt to movies like Shoot the Piano Player,  the latest in the Cinema 11 Series.  Hearing the monologue on marital love, delivered by an incidental character, to one on the lam from a robbery, I knew where Tarantino’s exchanges on “Mr. Pink,” and the romantic significance of foot massages* came from.

                                                                                                                                                -Alfred E.  Numen

* Links contain Quinton Tarantino dialogue, and are thus not particularly safe for work.  Also, note that this is the inaugural post by Alfred E. Numen, Stacked’s newest blogger.  Welcome to the Internet’s premier web log, Mr Numen.

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