Weekend Reading for Slackers: Shameful end to the year

fingerpostStill stinging from the discovery that The Power Broker was unavailable to download to the Kristmas Kindle Fire (and what a sweet piece of machinery that is) we lugged home the slightly smaller An Instance of the Fingerpost in book form, having been reminded in a conversation with the Elusive Screenwriter how we liked The Dream of Scipio better than 99.5% of all the literary novels we have plowed through in our slacker life.  (Elusive Screenwriter was the first of our circle to realize how right we were to recommend The Ascent of the A-Word, by the way, Tweeting about it before he had made it through the first chapter).  To our great irritation the Fingerpost failed to grab as quickly as we were hoping.  Fortunately when we whined about our disappointment, Mrs Wolfe was nearby and able to point to Don Winslow’s The Kings of Cool which we had brought home and forgotten and which we were able to read in the time it takes our constipated toaster oven to do its number on an English muffin, soon to be a banned substance as we plunge into The South Beach Diet.  Niftily set in Orange County, Winslow territory might turn out to be sort of a reliable suburban commute from CraisConnellyJeffersonLand.  That will be handy.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. […] were interested enough in Don Winslow’s The Kings of Cool that we snatched from the capacious Mercantile fiction shelves Savages, the thriller to which The […]

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