“There is a pretty good car chase and a lot of very bad dialogue… Nearly every conversation is stilted and lame, laden with the kind of repartee that might strike you as witty if you had no sense of humor.”

cruise vs scott

We at Stacked are huge fans of scathing reviews.  Furthermore, our editorial position has been one of extreme skepticism regarding the ability of the diminutive Tom Cruise to convincingly play Lee Child’s 6′ 5″, 200 lbs+ Jack Reacher.   So, it is with great pleasure that I link to A. O. Scott’s review of the new film Jack Reacher.

In the interest of balance, though, note that Stacked is HUGELY in favor of Werner Herzog cashing in whenever possible.  So there’s that, at least.

-Norm De Plume

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  1. Yes, the gentleman on the left with the enormous head and the reviewing dagger is indeed A. O. Scott.

  2. No space should even be given to bad reviews of this movie. We should all just pretend it doesn’t even exist!

  3. While I agree in principal, if I’d completely ignored the movie I would have deprived myself of the opportunity to create an amateurish photoshop of a big headed A. O. Scott trying to shank a miniature fake Jack Reacher. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

  4. Did Lee Child really need the money that bad to sell the rights to Tom Thumb?

  5. Nice link to the review Norm, liked what Scott said! And your touch on the car scene! :)

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