Necessarily Long Weekend Reading: What It Takes and The Black Box

If you weren’t a participant in “Rushing The Bridge of State,” the five part chat’n’chew (also the name of a possible new Jackson Street eatery) orchestrated by the member/director with So Much To Read, then you won’t understand how we were compelled to take up What It Takes, Richard Ben Cramer’s epic re-telling of the 1988 presidential primary process and the back stories of its participants, and you probably won’t know what an astounding work it is.  We are a fast reader – really fast – but this took about three times as long for us to read as War and Peace. It’s probably equal in literary importance to the Tolstoy.  No kidding.  We stuck with it to the end and regretted not a second of the time.  It’s the deepest reporting since Robert Caro and the best indictment of reporting since Evelyn Waugh.  Not to be missed.

Old reporter Michael Connelly has turned in his latest Harry Bosch kriminalwerk.  It’s The Black Box, and it was our other weekend read.  Fans of the series and the author will be relieved to know that it is as good as anything he’s done, which is to say better than 98% of the literary novels published in the same year.  Keenly aware of our obligation not to abuse the privilege of grabbing books before the members have their crack, we finished it in a sitting, and it’s on the shelf here.

-Nemo Wolfe

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