Closed for Cleaning

The Mercantile Library is closed for cleaning.  For some reason some of our members get the idea that “closed for cleaning” means “gone to Traverse City.”  It does not.  It means that the librarians are spending a grueling week emptying out storerooms, vacuuming, sorting, re-shelving, bustdusting, etc.  etc.  etc. ad inf. ad naus.  It’s work.

Members who have mailing accounts won’t even feel a bump.  The post goes out every day no matter what.  No mailing account?   Easily arranged.  Contact the Library.  You may get a recorded message, but your message will get through.  Or you can email.  Nothing to it.

Weekend reading was replaced by catching up on Top Gear episodes and watching Single Handed, the Irish series about a west coast cop that, for some reason, we find riveting.  Netflix have both.

-Nemo Wolfe

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