Big Noise Up the Street

A change in presidential plans meant that Mrs. G. could not attend last night’s multinational music event, so Mrs. Wolfe and we got the tickets and cycled from the West End to the Aronoff where to the surprise of everyone including the scalpers, tickets were being scalped on Walnut.  To a choral event!  It was our first Choir Game event.  Although it was a non-competitive evening, we could not help comparing the opening act, an amalgamation of local choirs, to the rest of the program which included a stellar choir from an Australian university, a tightly disciplined Indonesian choir, and a superb children’s choir from darkest Indianapolis.  The auslanderen basically kicked the home team’s ass off the stage.  We don’t know whose decision it was to go with those particular locals, but it was misstep, as was the selection of goopy new-age numbers that were sort of an audio version of top-of-the-line Hallmark sympathy cards.  The three good choirs were enough to make it a very very good night.

We continue to dislike the Aronoff for its acoustics and its resemblance to a state funded student union building.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. Umm, I totally read the title as Big Nose Up the Street… I know someone who was part of the hometown choir that evening, so this is a bummer.

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