Weekend Reading: Husband and Wife and A Magnificent Catastrophe

A Magnificent Catastrophe is Edward Larson’s take on the presidential election of 1800, read in haste to be ready for tomorrow’s Rushing the Bridge where we have to take Quaalude so we won’t jump up and down in our seat screaming “I know!  I know”.    (we drop the editorial we in class)  We, however, didn’t know that the presidential election system in the early days of the republic was a ramshackle affair that seemed barely to work.  Nor did we know that the candidates of the day were backstabbers and hotheads of the first water.  Crikey!

Leah Stewart, who teaches creative writing at U.C. and whose Husband and Wife took up the rest of the weekend, is someone who can actually write creatively.  Not always the case in those departments as we know from embarrassing experience here.  We’re late getting to this two year old work, for which we apologize, but we’ll make up for it by reading her other stuff even though they are literary and we, we’re not ashamed to say, are probably not.  She’s worth the time.

-Nemo Wolfe

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