Weekend Reading: Straphanger

Are we the only Stacked contributor who reads over the weekend?  We think not.  Are we the only regular weekend reading analyst?  That certainly seems to be the case.  It’s a sad and lonely position.  But we soldier on.

We’re not quite through with Straphanger, Taras Grescoe’s very good round the world look at public transit, bicycle accommodation, bus rapid transit development, and other subjects that, in the hands of an enthusiast such as Mr Grescoe, amount to transit porn.  We slaver when we read about waving one’s cell phone in front of a subway sensor and having payment deducted.  We really do.  And our glasses begin to steam even though all the passengers are fully clad in Grescoe’s description of high-speed rail trips.

The Japanese have term for the likes of us, we learn in the fabulous Tokyo section of the book.  It’s densha otaku, and it means “train geek.”

-Nemo Wolfe

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