Weekend Reading: Johnson’s Life of London

 Grabbed  Boris’s Lite History before it had had its dustcoverectomy, so we got to enjoy the embossed Routemaster on the jacket all the long weekend.  The windows of the now superseded double-decker are full of characters who made London what it is, including more than a few writers, something you would be unlikely to see in this country where we put politicians on our currency.

We have long believed that there is no better political job on earth than mayor of a big city, and Boris seems to agree.  He actually has an easier gig than our own mayor, because there doesn’t seem to be any annoying city council to deal with.  Mostly he plays around with the transportation system and shows up at stuff.  There’s time enough to write a chatty book in the off hours.  The book does read like he talks, actually, so it’s often funny.  Hard to imagine our own mayor being funny in print.  Easy to imagine Mayor Emanual being unprintable in print, though.

The cat walking on the bus is Dick Whittington’s.

-Nemo Wolfe

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