Slow Bike Month

Readers who keep track of things will have noted that blogger Scripsi has done all the heavy lifting for Bike Month, one of our favored causes here at the only library that allows patrons to arrive on an elevator on a bike. Ed makes it to the blogging machine earlier than we do because he is one of those high-speed riders who dart and flit while we low-speed riders progress in a more businesslike fashion. Ed can be recognized by his smurphish red helmet, something that is absolutely necessary for riders who routinely reach speeds in the thirties. We, on the other hand, can be recognized by our flat caps from the local hatter, weather protection greatly outweighing impact protection at a top speed of fifteen knots. We can also be recognized by the commuter features (hub braking and hub shifting) on the Asian product that replaced a still-lamented stolen Canadian product. We bought the Asian product before we knew of the existence of the Achielle priest bike for which we have now conceived a lust. (One of the drawbacks of the bike world is the deeply pervasive envy that sets in early and hard. We’ve been perfectly satisfied with our Honda automobile for the past nine and a half years, but we start looking at other bikes on our way out the door of the bike wallah’s with our latest purchase.) What we meant to get at in this entry is that readers who are toying with the idea of bicycle commuting should understand that one is not obliged to go at a great speed like Ed does, that it is perfectly possible to arrive dressed for business, without a lather, and still be at work on time.

Drive slower.

-Nemo Wolfe

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