An Urbanniversary

Today the Library’s devoted friend Buck Niehoff turns 65.  We are unsure how Mr. Niehoff, an ardent cyclist, arranged the universe to have his birthday fall squarely inside Bicycle Month, but if we could have a look at that unadorned plastic notebook he carries around instead of an electronic gizmo, we might find out.

Yesterday a couple of hundred of Buck’s fans gathered with the Maths Whiz, the Movie Maven, and the new Medicare enrollee at the eponymous Niehoff Studio in what used to be Corryville’s Turnverein to eat a healthful brunch, catch up with the doings of the interdisciplinary and very serious Niehoff scholars, and wish the birthday lad many happy returns.  The Niehoff Studio is all about the good urban life, so somebody shockingly clever rewrote W.S.Gilbert’s Modern Major General as the Modern Urban Gentleman to cover Buck’s busy life.  It was sung by three talented CCM students for whom The Pirates of Penzance was terra incognita, making it necessary to cram for the exam, but they pulled it off.  Somebody almost as clever as the lyricist did a rendering of Mr. Niehoff as a flying, bespectacled super-hero.  As soon as we have that image, we will share it with you.

Happy Birthday, Buck.

-Nemo Wolfe

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