Only 16 days left until no mo National Novel Editing Month 2012

Not that National Novel Editing Month is anything that should be celebrated, let alone acknowledged, it does have a website, so I suppose you could say it has a certain”reality”.  If you do happen to be casting around for some sort of way to celebrate it, Galleycat suggests looking at some of Kurt Vonnegut’s story graphs.  I saw him make one for Shakespeare’s Hamlet at Trenton State College many years ago.  The plot of Hamlet could best be represented, Vonnegut claimed, by a horizontal bar in the “misery” zone of the plot graph.  I suppose there could have been a slight uptick in there when the Prince of Denmark stabs Polonius through the curtain, but Vonnegut’s graph was perfectly flat like the horizon in Witchita.  The situation took on a tragicomic sheen from its happening in New Jersey.  Anyway, I have to get on board with any proposal to “celebrate” this month that doesn’t actually involve doing what they’re suggesting you do, i.e., and I’m extrapolating a bit here, that you write a novel in November (According to online sources, NaNoWriMo 2011 generated over 3 billion words, which is almost as many words as were produced during NaChimpsTypingMo 2011, although allegations of primate doping have surfaced and are currently under investigation) then turn around and edit the damned thing in March.  Hey, whatever floats your boat.  When is someone going to come up with NaNoMoMoMo or “National No-mo months month.”?

-Ed Scripsi

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