Tom Rob Smith That Rat and Something Called Eyes Wide Open

Rat because he’s written Agent 6, another Soviet thriller that works, and he still looks like he hasn’t finished up at Winchester.  Agent 6 brings Leo Demidov back for an extremely sad story involving a Paul Robeson-type American communist, a ratlike FBI agent, Mrs. Demidov and the daughters, and a beautiful Afghan agent with a great deal to learn about how things work.  The action is in New York City almost as much as it is in the Evil Empire, and, as usual, the rendering of the times and feelings is accurate.  We know that because we are Old.  Highly recommended.

Eyes Wide Open is a California crime novel by the writer-for-hire who’s helping James Patterson in his effort to take over an entire rack at your local airport’s mindless reading store.  It’s about an east coast surgeon whose dreadful ex-hippie brother’s son has fallen to his death from one of those big rocks that show up on calendars.  It’s probably no worse than lots of other second-tier crime stories, but we found ourself biting the inside of our cheek to stay awake.

Most of the reading, by the way, was done well before the weekend, which was taken up with the pleasures of the arrival of the newest addition to the Wolfe pack.  8 lbs. 3 oz. for the statistically minded.

-Nemo Wolfe

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