eBooks in court cage match round one? Ding!

It was not without some interest that my sluggish eyes sought an uneasy purchase upon the front page of the Wall Street Journal this week to note that our troublesome friend the eBook is up to no good as usual.  The government alleges “collusion to raise the prices of  eBooks” by Apple and several major publishers.  So perhaps I wrong in an earlier blog post to accuse publishers of hating money.  Keep abreast of this gripping story and find out!  And have you, trusty eBook fans of the Mercantile, taken the time to follow this link with directions on how to voice your ire at many of these publishing companies’ refusal to sell eBooks to libraries?  Something tells me you have better things to do, but just thought I’d ask.  -Scripsi


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  1. Here is some more digital grist for the indie ebook mill…
    Paypal Pressured to Play Morality Cop and Forces Smashwords to Censor Authors:


  2. Thanks for the grist. The great orange pulper of moralistically juicy questions that is the “I”nternet cycles on. Free marketers are like: let the market sort it out, but clearly, relinquishing one’s personal moral discrimination, and/or allowing entities to do so for oneself is dangerous. In a world where we are consistently “encouraged” into passivity, the only sane course is in the repeated exercise of one’s active faculties. Beware the vandal whores (sic.) Or as H.S. Thompson would say: “a firm and manly resolve”

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