Leap Day Book Roundup–a smorgasbord of books!

In for the anniversary of the Watergate break-in is Thomas Mallon’s Watergate.  Or, if you’re a nonfiction reader, go straight for the undiluted sap straight from the tree: The White House Transcripts (in the collection since the 70s).

Fans of Stewart O’Nan: check out the Last Night at the Lobster-sized The Oddsa Love Storyaccording to Kirkus Reviews, “a valentine to marriage as it is actually lived in modern times.”

Today’s entry in the “authors who ought to come out with their own brand of Canadian  ‘whisky’ ” category, Guy Vanderhaeghe completes his best-selling trilogy with A Good Man, set in the gritty, 19th century Canadian and American West.

Kate Rockland’s 150 Pounds, about the unlikely relationship between weight obsessed bloggers, one hell-bent on skinniness, the other on embracing her heft, bears an epigram by Kate Moss: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”  To which I have to say: ever eaten buffalo wings dipped in blue cheese dressing, Kate?  Well the jokes on you.  But I digress from the literary matters at hand.

The philosophically provocative, hat-tip-to-Carver What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank by Nathan Englander probably earns the most-discussed at Brooklyn cocktail parties award.  Very funny and very thoughtful.

Recent Niehoff lecturer A.S. Byatt weighs in with a mini tome apropos to the Mayan-predicted (more accurately the “yokos who don’t understand what the hell the Mayans were on about, or for that matter the ins and outs of Swiss particle acceleration“-predicted) end of the world that is supposed to happen this year with a short novel about the Norse myth of the end of the world: Ragnorok.

These are just a random sample from the Spring-swollen influx of quality lit available to YOU as a card-carrying member of the Literary Center of Cincinnati.  Hope to see you at the check out desk, if not at any of the events comprising March Madness at the Merc.


Ed Scripsi


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  1. That A.S. Byatt book is on my reading list…
    I’m always down to hang out with my homies in the Norse Pantheon…
    Brother Odin, who lost his eye in the well of Mimir but gained the Runes, with the Ravens of Thought (Huginn) and Memory (Muninn) on each shoulder, sent out to do his shamanic bidding…

    This will be my next Mercantile checkout now that I’ve been Hard Boiled in Murakami’s Wonderland…I need a new End of the World.

    …and speaking of Hard Boiled, that Cinema Eleven series for March is looking good!

  2. Would you recommend Hard Boiled…? I’m looking for a good “starter Murakami” and am eyeing The Elephant Vanishes as a non-noncommittal short-story-fan gateway drug to his oeuvre.

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