Perfect Manners

By our count about 72% of the guests at the 24th Niehoff Lecture were lawyers.  No surprise.  Lawyers read.  Lawyers write.  And Scott Turow was the lecturer.  If he ever gets out of the legal business or the best-seller business, the man could go into business as a dinner guest.  Most of our speakers are pretty good at being told how cool they are.  Not as many of our speakers have the knack of making the hundreds of people they’re introduced to in half an hour feel pretty cool themselves.  But Scott Turow did that.

We had short ribs for supper, by the way.  Done right- and these were – they’re like pot roast for the gods.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. Hey, I had a good time! Hope everyone else did.

    — Math Whiz

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