A Mercantile Nature Moment–Library Under Attack

The Merc is not altogether unfamiliar with wingéd visitors, or, as T.M. Brewer fondly refers to them in his 1840 edition of Wilson’s American Ornithology, “our feathered tribes”, and it was a member of our feathered tribes that, following a loud THWACK against one of the Library’s east-facing windows, appeared to be in an altercation with a whirring tree-branch.  The altercation reached some sort of a draw, and the branch-resembling combatant, which turned out to be an insect that was introduced to this country around 1895, remained to scare the bejesus out of me

Tenodera sinensis or Chinese Mantis, menaces the Great American building with her toothsome claw

As I photographed the enormous, loathsome, but oddly fascinating beast, her head pivoted toward me.  I removed to a safe distance.  -Ed Scripsi

A four-inch Chinese Mantis considers the nutritional content of a librarian

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