Google+ for the bookish

Despite my growing conviction that the internet (I will never capitalize that word, dag nabbit) is ruining everything, I continue to use it (are we using it or is it using us?   Or both?  Ahhh!  Talk among yourselves), especially, which seems to me a bit like social networking for the antisocial.    I’ll admit it: having marked a book as “reading” on my goodreads account actually motivates me to read more quickly, waking as I do each morning to find a flood of Goodreads updates from friends (many of which I suspect to be the result of goodreads friends returning from the bar after midnight to update their goodreads shelves with the entire oeuvres of favorite authors who some beery conversation reminded them that they, like, totally used to love.

And so it is not entirely without interest that I note  the newcomer on the social networking scene is getting in on the bookish action.   That’s right, folks, you can now share a google book on Google+. The future has obviously arrived.

Meanwhile, the ‘I Hate Reading” page on facebook has earned, at the time of this web-logging, 439,642 “likes“.  Perhaps the internet isn’t ruining everything so much as making it more annoying.    -Ed Scripsi

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