New Archiporn waiting to be catalogued

We’re already over the line on book spending this year, and that’s without buying the e-readers we’ve had our eye on.  (The deal will be that you check out the reader with selections that we have made for it.  So there would be a beach-e-reader, a thriller-e-reader, a book-group-e-reader.  Like that.)  Even so, we have opened the Mercantile purse to the purchase of American City, a new series of books intended to show the best buildings in what we hope will be 30-50 American cities.  The first to arrive was American City:  St. Louis Architecture:  Three Centuries of Classic Design.  If the rest of the series is as slick as this, it will be spectacular.  St. Louis turns out to have an astounding number of gorgeous buildings, including a couple by Harvey Ellis, the designer who came up with the Mercantile’s prized little writing table for his employer Gustav Stickley.  There are no Ellis buildings here in town.  It will be interesting to see, if the series makes it this far, what they do put on the list for Cincinnati.  V. v. interesting.  Our guess is that the Hairnet Tower won’t be included.

If you want this, you’ll have to nag the collector to move it up in the queue, but he’s quite naggable.

-Nemo Wolfe

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