The Not Okay Gatsby

If I wanted the powdered-milk equivalent of Literature, I’d read the back of a box of powdered milk.  If I wanted a spin on literature, I’d check in with Edmund Osterman, of the Merc’s very own Graphic Novel Discussion Group, and look at one of the Classic Alive comics on which he has collaborated, which is not to compare the incomparable Mr. Osterman’s work with fake milk…  it being original and not AN OBSCENITY MOST FOUL like this regurgitation of The Great Gatsby retold by Margaret Tarner, (abandon all hope, ye who link here) published by MacMillan for “educational purposes” and herein decried by Roger Ebert in his journal. If you can’t be bothered to read Ebert’s take on this disturbing matter, which you should, enjoying example passages from the great work, here’s a sample:

“Read (Tarner’s) closing words:

Gatsby had believed in his dream. He had followed it and nearly made it come true.

Everybody has a dream. And, like Gatsby, we must all follow our dream wherever it takes us.

Some unpleasant people became part of Gatsby’s dream. But he cannot be blamed for that. Gatsby was a success, in the end, wasn’t he?

This is an obscenity. I can hardly bear to direct you to the full text of her edition,which begins, “My name is Nick Carraway. I was born in a big city in the Middle West.”

-Ed Scripsi

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  1. This post comes at a good time for me, as I’ve always thought of Gatsby as a fabulous summer read (NYC! Convertibles! Parties! Sex! Illicit drinking! Plus the book is short!) and am about halfway through my fifth or sixth rereading.

    Thank you kindly for the link to Mr. Ebert’s thoughts. I shall decline to click the other link, if it’s quite the same to you. The original seems like it should be sufficient.

  2. It IS a fabulous summer read… goes great with gin too.

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