“It is our duty as Americans to colonize the Pimm’s Cup, to democratize it, to strip away its snootiness.”

I believe I can count on the support of at least one other Mercantile blogger when I declare the Pimm’s Cup the Official Drink of Summer.  As we celebrate the day we declared our freedom from our tyrannical colonizers this long weekend, what better way to rub it in than to serve one of their signature drinks in a down homey ‘Merican-style mason jar with a bunch of non-traditional garnishes?

Consider your tipple co-opted and democratized, Britishers.  Take that, former oppressors!

By the way, one of your bloggers is going to be out of town next week, and since he’s the one who usually reminds the other bloggers that it’s time to blog, I’d expect a fairly light posting schedule until the week of the 11th.  Also, since none of you jumped on Ed’s suggestion, you’ll have to do without A Visit from the Goon Squad until then, and when you do get it it will probably smell vaguely of sunscreen.

Happy 4th of July, y’all.

-Norm De Plume

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  1. I absolutely ADORE the Pimm’s Cup. One of my very favorite summer beverages.

  2. I read that slate article as well. I have a bottle of Pimm’s No 1 at the ready along with Bitter Lemon and Ale 81

  3. The official Mercantile version calls for Reed’s Extra Ginger, cucumbers, strawberries, and a splash of Beefeater.

  4. Obviously, I need to make you Mercantile folk homemade ginger beer. Obviously.

  5. […] are three primary Mercantile-endorsed summer cooling methods: seersucker, the Pimm’s cup, and long, luxurious soaks in movie theater air conditioning.  Now, we realize that wearing […]

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