May Was National Short Story Month

That much maligned medium of the literary kingdom evidently has its own month, and that month was May.  Technically, you have several days left to celebrate the short story before you switch over to June, which as everybody knows is National National Month Month.  While all of these months are beginning to give me a headache (e.g. how can May be both National Short Story Month and National Bike Month?), I like short stories and will use any excuse to call your attention to them.  Here are some links to some good short-story oriented material and to short stories themselves.  Short stories, for those of you too young to remember, were collections of words that formed a narrative, often entertaining, that told a story–similar to novels, except that short story writers tried to do it in fewer words and therefore had to be crafty with regard to their economy of words and literary powers of suggestion and implication.  They also happened to be a popular and widely chatted-about form of entertainment in America before more complicated forms of technology came along to supply our brains with narrative.  NPR’s got a nice spot here, and the fine folks at Flavorpill even talked One Story into coming up with this list of the best short stories.  Some are more interesting than others and I wonder whether the widespread consumption of visually told stories has pushed them in increasingly psychological and interior directions.  -Ed Scripsi

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