Library Future-shock explained, defused.

According to Seth Godin “America’s Greatest (self-?) Marketer”, Netflix has already done rendered the modern library obsolete.  Not to worry, librarians and library users of the world–the news isn’t all bad.   Here’s a link to a link to his essay “The Future of the Library”, which includes a link to a library-oriented iPad app.

  -Ed Scripsi

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  1. Oh hell I won’t even buy a kindle. the author of this piece is mad. As are Netflix and I’m a subscriber.

    just sayin’

  2. In speaking of the future of libraries, I think it is relevant also to think of a future without cheap oil -and hence possibly without cheap electricity. Then we library(ian) types will still be in the position of defending dead trees. It’s a good thing you all at the Mercantile are already used to riding bikes.

    Check out these hot articles:
    Our Evanescent Culture and the Awesome Duty of Librarians:
    “It’s a commonplace of contemporary thought that we live in an information age. Most people in the industrial world today take for granted that they can get information of any kind they wish, cheaply and easily, drawing on the internet, public libraries, and many other resources. Today’s glut of information only exists, however, because abundant energy and material resources can be assigned to information storage and distribution by each industrial society. The end of the age of cheap energy places that at risk; the savage budget cuts beginning to impact library systems in many countries are a harbinger of greater troubles to come.”
    more here:

    The good news is the Sheneset Project suggests, “Establishing local, private, subscription-based lending libraries, especially where public libraries are being shuttered or stripped of useful materials”.

    Working at a public library I’ve seen all too many rare & valuable out-of-print books discarded to make more room for James Patterson.

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