Bike Month Cinema: Breaking Away

In honor of Bike Month, and as a nod to the Library’s own resident Italo- and cyclophile, I hereby present the trailer for the 1979 film Breaking Away, which you should see right away if you have not done so already.

In addition to directing this film, 1968’s Bullitt (one of my favorite films ever), and the beloved-by-critics 1983 arthouse flick The Dresser, the recently departed English Director Peter Yates was the auteur behind 1973’s The Friends of Eddie Coyle, adapted from the classic Southie crime novel of the same name by George V. Higgins, which I just happen to have finished reading last week.

Dennis Christopher  is fantastic as the lead in Breaking Away, but despite some critical buzz after this film came out, judging from his IMDB page it looks like things didn’t work out as planned (unless, or course, appearing in Dead Women in Lingerie  and a bunch of sci fi and cop shows was part of the plan).  Still, he played a recurring character on Deadwood, so there’s that.

Finally, if the Mercantile Library Bicycle Relay Team ever comes into existence, I’m going to push for using something like this as our official team jersey.

-Norm De Plume

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  1. Falling in love with cycling in a smaller midwestern town with a small university with a fairly snotty student population, I related to this movie in soooo many ways…..

  2. Me too. Growing up I was a frazzled used car dealer whose son was prone to putting on airs, so this film hit close to home for me, too.

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