Slow Cycling

Slow cyclist and Mayor of London Boris Johnson (suited) with assorted sweaty spandex-clad speed freaks

As we wheel through Bike Month, we would like to remind our readers that the spandex-and-Smurf-helmet lifestyle is by no means the only way to enjoy freedom from the automobile.  Tickets are not given for pedaling at a leisurely pace, and there is no need to compress oneself in CycloSpanx if one is not going to be racing.  We ourselves commute to work on our trusty Rocky Mountain aluminium commuter wearing the clothes we will wear at our desk.  Since we are not riding at a breakneck pace, we do not perspire any more than we would walking to the Library, and there is no need to pack dry clothing.  Slow Cycling is a way of life in the great cycling nations around the Baltic and North Seas, as can be seen on such estimable sites as Copenhagenize.

Will you be screamed at by agitated motorists?  Quite possibly.  So what.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. Here Here! The only cycling event I take part in is the Critical Tits Race at Burning Man each year.
    Honestly you can only ride so fast in full costume -sans any top- on a fully decorated bike.
    No angry motorists in the desert.

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