Nicholson Baker and the Lit Racket

Image from a review by David Orr of The Anthologist in the New York Times Book Review. Click above to go there.

Nicholson Baker, author of Vox, The Anthologist, many other novels, stories, and non-fiction works, winner, for his defense of paper archives in libraries of the James Madison Freedom of Information Award,  and founder of The American Newspaper Repository (inhale) will speak at the Merc on Tuesday at seven.  Despite the award, Mr. Baker is no Luddite, professing in this interview on WNKU to enjoy the ease of reading on an iPod touch at night so as not to wake his wife.  He also confesses in The Guardian to something of a Wikipedia fascination/addiction .  If God is in the details, then Nicholson Baker is some sort of high priest because details–microscopic, visual, infinitesimal–permeate his work.  Some criticize this, others find it meaningful. Whatever the case, he is one fascinating writer, and we’re going to embark on a Baker reading-mini-marathon before Tuesday in preparation for his visit.  Meanwhile, here’s a brief editorial that links Nicholson Baker, badminton, and an essay George Plimpton once wrote on ball size vis-a-vis literature (insert fist-shaking and grumbled “Damn you, NYTimes Paywall).   -Ed Scripsi


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  1. I have to point out my favorite Baker book, and also one of my favorite books of all time — Mezzanine. It’s astounding. I’m really looking forward to the lecture!

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