Dear Leader

We will let Norm have the scoop on the new Kindle library feature which is about to force us into slavery with Overdrive, the overlords in the kingdom of downloadable books.  What’s occupying our few firing brain cells is our foolish promise to the Non-Blogger and the Dame to lead a series of discussions on Florida crime books this summer, meaning we actually have to pay attention to what we’re reading, maybe even take notes so that we won’t have angry book chatters throwing their books, bics, biros etc. at our empty head for failing to have sufficiently Deep Thoughts about what we are happy to call escape reading.  We are slightly encouraged by the semi-political stuff we found in the James W. Hall we picked out, but we really honestly don’t know what there is to discuss about our favorite part of any Elmore Leonard Florida crime thriller which is when the inevitable alligator eats the inevitable lapdog.  We laugh our backside off every time we read that bit, but what can you say?  It’s like trying to parse Homer strangling Bart.

-Nemo Wolfe

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