NaNoWriMo, Scriptfrenzy and other Internet-based literary stimulants

If you ask me, which obviously you didn’t, having National Novel Writing Month in November is a terrible idea.  Why?  Two words: Christ Mas.  Not that I approve of such things, but I have to confess I’ve been getting a kick out of some of the  pep talks featured on a similar project’s site: scriptfrenzy.  As an unreformed, unrepentant writing workshop junkie (Hello, my name is Ed Scripsi, and I am a workshopaholic), I’m very interested in process and context and community when it comes to writing.  Scriptfrenzy is also nice because you’re really just competing against yourself–well against your own lack of attention-span/focus and the myriad distractions of the world, self doubt, common sense, etc., etc., but the fact remains that its a fun site with interesting and somehow not entirely irritating pep talks and spots on writing by screenwriters, graphic novelists, et al, who have gotten stuff done but also continue to travel through this world with their senses of humor intact.  If script frenzy has a central tenet, which maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t and that’s okay, it is this: first drafts are meant to be ugly.  Just to put things in perspective, however, the shooting script for The Big Lebowski is 113 pages long.  Just the thought of it makes me thirst for a white Russian.  Cheers and have a great weekend.  -Ed Scripsi

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