Ad Supported Kindle

As you may have heard, Amazon has released an ad-supported Kindle, which can be had for $25 less than an ad-free WiFi only model.  I have a problem with paying over $100 for a device (not to mention $10 a pop for books to read on it), and still having to look at ads, but I’m willing to admit I’m touchier than most about these things.

The good news is that even if I personally don’t think the Kindle is cheap enough yet, $25 is $25, and hopefully some people will buy Kindles now that wouldn’t have otherwise.  More Kindles  mean more people reading books, which is a good thing.

The bad news is that we’re going to be inundated with a bunch of tech articles on the subject that include the phrase “price point,” the use of which phrase is second only to the misuse of the word “literally” in the list of things that make me want to literally scream until I am literally blue in the face.

-Norm De Plume


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  1. Now be fair – it doesn’t have ads, it has special offers and sponsored screen savers.
    anyway, any idea what the ads look like? I couldn’t find anything. I’m hoping they won’t allow blinky & size shifting stuff like the newspaper websites.

  2. Sponsored screen savers? Now THAT’S advertainment!

    Luckily, I don’t think the Kindle has the processing power to handle anything blinky and/or size shifting. I’m optimistically picturing a discrete banner thing at the bottom of the home screen.

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