Racking our brains

Previously a condor perch at the Bogota Zoo and a piece of the set for the movie "Blade Runner", our new bicycle rack responded "no comment" when approached for an interview regarding its move to Walnut St.

Thanks to Jess Linz, Queen City Bike’s “Bike Friendly Destinations” program coordinator and Jim Coppock, P.E., with the City of Cincinnati department of transportation and engineering, the Mercantile Library Building now has its very own bike rack, located in front of Strauss’s Tobacconist, which will soon make it the city’s most smoked-on bike rack, a serendipitous coincidence if ever there was one, because as everybody knows, nothing goes together better than cycling and smoking.   Members will still be permitted to bring their bikes up into the lobby, but we see this as a timely improvement for Bike Month, which is only 37 days away.   As you can see, lacking any clear label as a bike securing mechanism, confusions may arise.  Installed just yesterday, it immediately saw service as a smoker-derriere-parking device and today I couldn’t help but note that a cyclist had locked up his or her bike to a parking meter mere meters away, possibly out of deference to some perched smoker.  Still, what is modern life if not an ever-expanding, shimmering plethora of choice?   Humble though it may appear, it is sturdy and utilitarian (we were flattered to have been seen as a possible location site for Artworks “Art Racks” program, but would have had to wait well beyond Bike Month 2011, and besides, see ourselves as a practical organization, not out to win beauty contests so much as to satisfy the immediate literary needs of our community, and if that community sees fit to arrive at our door by velocipede, so much the better).  According to Ms Linz, we are officially a “bike friendly destination” with either “silver” or “gold” status, we’re not certain which, and, as such, are conniving cycling-related promotions for the month-long cavalcade of cycling smugness.    -Ed Scripsi

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