e-king out our collection

So while we’re on the subject, we’re facing the fact that we need to start filling a case with books for our e-readers, and to that end we’re meeting shortly with the e-boffins @PLCH where they have a fast growing collection of invisible books both audio and video (in the original sense) in order to find out how to get started.  One of the things we need to know is what’s the higher priority if we have to decide:  earbooks or eyebooks?  Earbooks are more expensive, but they are in great demand here, even in the clunky cd format.  And we know that even our thriftiest members will eventually trade in their cars, at which time they will discover the little MP3 connection in the new vehicle, increasing the demand for earbooks.  But members also got a lot of Nooks and Kindles for Christmas, and they’ve discovered the literary capabilities of their iPads and Xooms.  What to do? What to do?

Your thoughts?

-Nemo Wolfe


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  1. I would prefer a focus on e-books rather than audio books, but that is largely because I use the former and not the latter. Selfish motives, I know.

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