Shrine on Vine

(photo courtesy of elycefeliz’s photostream)

We’re unlikely to take in any Bockfestevents because we just don’t go to events.  We never got in the habit, and we’re not very good at standing around.  But.  If you go, we hope you will at some point wander up Vine Street as far as the plucky little Kroger.  Just south of the grocery you will see the mouldering remains of Wielert’s beer garden, the watering hole favored by George B. Cox when he was the political boss of the city.  Who owns the building?  What’s going to happen to it?  Is it on 3CDC’s radar?  Wouldn’t it be spectacular to have it fully restored as the city’s ecumenical Bierkathedrale?  It would be the final nail in the coffin of the Volstead Act.

-Nemo Wolfe


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  1. Yes, it is on 3CDC’s radar. OTR Holdings/OTR Predevelopment (which seems to be controlled by 3CDC) owns the building.

    Same goes with the Color Paint building.

  2. Good. Now what to do about that vacant lot?

  3. Outdoor biergarten?

  4. Yes. Pergolas with hops.

  5. There’s a good chance that the nitty-gritty details of the formation of the National and American Leagues were hammered out in this building.

  6. Tom, can you elaborate on that point?

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