Banks by the Books

We understand that a goodly number of flats at The Banks have been spoken for even though the doors won’t open until April or so.  Readers who are debating with themselves about whether to take the plunge and move to town may get off the fence when they consider that the city’s senior library is not just closer than the junior library, it’s really really close.  Just a couple of blocks.  Not even worth getting on the streetcar for.

And while we’re comparing distances, the Mercantile Library is also the closest library to

Park Place at Lytle
550 East Fourth Street
The McAlpin
Parker Flats
14 East Fourth Street
Adams Landing
Twain’s Point
And all those nice rowhouses with elevators on what used to be Eastern Avenue

We were walkable long before walkability was cool.

-Nemo Wolfe


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  1. The Mercantile Library had walkaholics in mind when it was established.

  2. When the Library burned in 1845, enough members lived close by that they could run in and save the collection. You can smell the smoke on the surviving volumes

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