Freedom- Jonathan Franzen

I recently finished Freedom, the new Jonathan Franzen book, and I’m man enough to admit I choked up a bit at the end.  There, I said it.

I should point out, though, that after a thirty-plus-year, nearly spotless  record of not choking-up, since becoming a father my eyes have welled with alarming frequency, including:

* at the end of Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan

* during roughly 31% of Story Corps segments on NPR

* while watching holiday-themed Maxwell House commercials

* Etc. Etc.

Furthermore, I actually out-and-out bawled at the end of Wall-E, although, like Time magazine, I consider it easily the best film of the last decade.

So, while I really liked the book, don’t read too much into my throat lump.  Instead, I suggest you read these reviews, written by professionals, to get a better sense of the thing, and then proceed accordingly.

-Norm De Plume

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  1. Sounds like an opening ploy to become Speaker of the House

  2. God, when I think about the things he did to get to where he is today [sniff]… I just [sob]…

  3. This book re-awakened a hunger for fiction that I had lost..

  4. It’s definitely one of those books that makes you want to read more books.

  5. After my first daughter was born, I found myself susceptible to the watery eye, wobbly lip syndrome. There’s something about becoming a parent, I suppose. Or perhaps, I was thinking about having to save for her college education.

    Yeah, that’s it.

  6. How many children do I have to have before I can become jaded again?

  7. Unfortunately, Norm, there’s no set number of children. However, you can reach a point when they’re teenagers when you don’t care whether they eat dinner or not.

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