Six Critics Doing Their Thing in the New York Times Book Review

I can’t vouch for all of these, because I’m a slow reader, but there’s some great stuff in the New York Times Book Review’s collection of six critics tasked with explaining the role of criticism to literature today.  According to Stephen Burn, you, yes you, sitting at your computer, are having an effect on the way that criticism is adapting to the present day.  But does technology really change anything?  Talk amongst yourselves.
-Ed Scripsi

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  1. Read all six. Read all six after a Senatorial sausage sandwich and four ounces of gin, so there was a certain amount of wandering off. But did it. That Anderson lad – now there’s a bright one.

  2. And here I thought the role of the critic was to help prevent honest citizens with less time on their hands than “literary critics” decide what to read.

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