Comfort, convenience, and freeness vs. a rank, musty, smell

The De Plumes spent an uber-jolly Thanksgiving with friends, baby of friends, and 70+ year old parents of friends in lovely but frigid Ann Arbor, MI.  While lazing around the living room one evening, slowly digesting a particularly sumptuous post-Thanksgiving meal of barbecued ribs and corn pudding, my friend’s mother complained about her recent failed attempt to find a large print copy of Trollope’s The Way We Live Now at her local book store.  My  friend, who has made it his personal mission to see that his parents stay abreast of the latest gadgetry, pointed out that, if she had a Kindle, not only could she download the book- for free- in the comfort of her own home, but she could also make the text pretty much as large as she wanted to.

Somehow she still resisted, suggesting that curling up with a Kindle wouldn’t be quite the same.  “Thank God,” my friend replied, then pointed out how much more pleasant it will be to curl up with her sleek, light, ergonomic Kindle than it would with a  heavy, unpleasantly pointy in places book.

“Still, there’s just something about the SMELL of a book.”

Ah well.  How can you argue with that?  If only someone would invent some sort of Book Smell spray

-Norm De Plume

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  1. Recently got a book at the library (the other library) & somebody had spilled something on it. I think some kind of chocolatey coffee drink. It wasn’t stained but it smelled kind of nice.

  2. That does sound delightful. Maybe Amazon should make Kindles with little hooks for those pine tree shaped air fresheners.

  3. Maybe they could engineer some slight yellowing at the edges and be able to fold in at least one corner to mark your place.

  4. Ha! Great idea.

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