E-Book News Roundup

– Barnes & Noble has released a color version of the Nook.  Some folks are heralding it as a necessary step in the evolution of the ebook reader (which makes sense to me) while others are saying the Nook should try to be the best ebook reader it can be rather than competing with “more capable and connected devices” like the iPad (which also makes sense to me).

– Amazon somehow keeps claiming that Kindle and Kindle book sales are booming without giving anyone any idea how booming, or if indeed they are booming when not compared to sales of things that may or may not be booming.  Or, as PC World Magazine more succinctly put it, “New Kindles… Selling Like an Unspecified Number of Hotcakes“.

– And finally, Amazon will soon force book fetishist curmudgeons to remove “you can’t lend an ebook to a friend” off of their list of complaints. I am confident that these complaint lists are scratched off by candlelight onto bits of parchment via a comically enormous quill pen.

There you go, people.  Interesting times.

-Norm De Plume

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  1. The new Nook looks nice, but I am not tempted yet to get it or its fellow competitors. With the iPad, I just don’t have any use for a dedicated machine any more.

  2. I own a nook, although my preference will always be a physical book! Nook’s constantly striving to be better and I think this new nook color has some good features to it (interactive kids’ books, for example). No, it can’t do everything iPad can do but it’s still a pretty damn awesome device as an ereader.

  3. I think the problem for the Nook, as Patti N will attest, is that the iPad is not only a pretty damn awesome device as an ereader, but is also a pretty damn awesome device for tons and tons of other stuff, all for a few hundred dollars more.

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