Year of the Tablet

The once cutting edge "Macrock Stone" once had consumers lined up days in advance of its release at the Macziggurat

Despite being an avid netbook user and self-admitted keyboard fetishist (how ’bout that new Macbook Air?  Eh?), I can’t help but watch with a certain perverse fascination as 2010 becomes the year personal computer companies began  rapid-firing tablet pcs and e-readers scattershot into the no man’s land of the consumer electronics market–good news for trees, perhaps, bad news for the heavy metal content of landfills as these devices out-compete and make each other and themselves obsolete.  While widespread availability and use of tablets has the publishing industry hurtling in free fall as they figure out how to squeeze profits out of a product that is now 100% lighter and, material-wise, insubstantial.   As if their quandary didn’t automatically cause the world’s tiniest violist to play a dirge for the poor, put upon publishing industry, mediabistro reports Amazon has gone and complicated everything by allowing lending.  No one’s certain what effect a personal computer in every pocket, connecting us to a “cloud” will actually have, but books will still be around for a while, as the author of this paean to print opines on themillions.  The library, by the way, did purchase, in oldtimey pulp, Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows–What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains.  I’m pretty certain books on the positive effects of the internet must be being written . . . unless the would-be authors of such tracts are too busy watching stupid dog tricks on youtube and checking their friends’ status updates on myface.  I wonder whether some Ancient Babylonian showed up at the Ziggurat one day and said, “I don’t know about this cuneiform, guys.  Could be trouble.”   -Ed Scripsi

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  1. Very interesting post…it’s insane how quickly phones and other devices come in and out of fashion…Filling up the landfills as you say

    Who can I get in touch with to discuss me maybe do a guest post on your blog?

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