Luncheon with a Lama


Because the Maths Whiz and the Mad Biker were sponsors of the event at which HH The Dalai Lama was the main attraction, and because the Mad Biker wanted us to see HH close up so that we would understand why he and the Maths Whiz had trekked across the Subcontinent to chat the holy man up, we had the best possible seats, which meant that while we were not tending to business at the Library Time Forgot for several hours in the middle of the day yesterday, we were in agreeable company and right under the noses of the First District representative, the First Lady of All Buckeyes, and Gwen Ifill, whom we had seen once in an airport somewhere and made fools of ourself accosting to tell her how we think she is pretty swell.  She was very nice about our fan moment.  If we are ever accosted by a traveling librarian we hope to be that unaffectedly nice.  That will be hard for us.

HH was cool and calm, but we could see how it would be a lot more affecting to chat him up in Dharamsala or however than to have to do like Gwen did which was to pretend that they were having a normal conversation in front of two thousand midwesterners and their ice tea glasses.

-Nemo Wolfe


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